100 Years Zuiderzee Act: New land, man-made / Law to protect against floods and floods changed the landscape of the Netherlands seriously





Law to protect against floods and floods changed the landscape of the Netherlands seriously / 100 Years Zuiderzee Act: Closing the gap “Vlietgat” on Afsluitdijk. / New land, man-made / Those: tourism Flevoland / Further text by ots and… more

Cologne (ots) – One of the most far-reaching and so far most radical laws of the Netherlands was before 100 adopted years: the Zuiderzee Act (Zuiderzee). The framework law for protection against floods and floods foresaw, that the former Zuiderzee Nordseebucht would be closed at the expense of the Dutch State. The construction of the Afsluitdijk was the first consequence. Later, the reclamation of the water was Wieringermeer, the Northeast Polder and the Eastern and Southern Flevopolder implemented in the middle of the Netherlands. At the end of the largest artificial island in the world was formed: the preferred IJssellake Flevoland.

The Netherlands traditionally have a love-hate relationship with the water. On one hand, the sea brought the seafaring nation great wealth. On the other hand, more than half of the country prone to flooding; the Netherlands were for centuries plagued by flooding and flooding. Nearly one-third lies partly below sea level. Meanwhile, the country is known for its large-scale waterworks. The Dutch hydraulic engineer and Minister Cornelis Lely (1854-1929) has played an important role. He is the founder of the Zuiderzee Act. According to him also, incidentally, is named Lelystad, Capital of the province of Flevoland newly created by the reclamation.

2018 is celebrated throughout the year

Without the Zuiderzee Act of Cornelis Lely today's Netherlands considered significantly different. Of the 100. Anniversary of Zuiderzeewet is therefore cause for great celebrations, that last all year. The annual program is based on four highlights, to some extent, act as anchors.

Opening Information Center Wadden Center at 22. March

The first highlight is the opening of the information center Aflsuitdijk Wadden Center on the final dike 22. March. This striking building, which rises like a head of foam on the dike, is the story of the Dutch Delta Design, tells the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea and the world's unique new fish migration flow. From 24. March numerous public activities are organized here. During the year 2018 the nearby Center offers an exciting 4D show: In a virtual hang-gliders the visitor makes a spectacular flight over the environment.

Water Congress in Lelystad on 14. June

Am 14. June 2018, the date, where exactly 100 was years ago, that the Zuiderzee Act was published in the Official Gazette, is one in Lelystad (Water-)Congress held. In addition, the province celebrates a three-day festival dedicated to the theme of water and water management (14. to 16. June 2018). Thursday, 14. June, is also the start date of the various public activities in and around the museum Batavia Country in Lelystad. Here the history of reclamation and the creation of the new province is recounted vividly.

Opening a work of art in the forest Waterloopbos

Am 27. September is in the listed forest Waterloopbos in Marknesse (Flevoland) opened the rebuilt into a monumental work of art Deltagoot solemnly. Then there is a public event from 27. to 30. of September. In the forest Waterloopbos earlier water conservation models were tested in miniature. Some of these models can still be seen there today, overgrown with plants. which gives a magical atmosphere of the woods.

Inauguration landscape art

The most recent event “100 Years Zuiderzee Act” place in November in the town of Dronten (Flevoland) with the opening of the monument to 100 Zuiderzeewet years as a landscape work of art instead. The design of the Dutch / Swiss artist Bob Gramsma is an addition to the collection of landscape art in Flevoland. The province counts eight of these works of art.

In addition to these four highlights various activities found throughout the year 2018 instead of. Various water works, including the steam pumping station in Lemmer Woudagemaal (It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List), are open to the public. There is also a museum program, the 14 Museums in the Zuiderzee area, as the Batavia Country Museum in Lelystad and the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen, includes. On www.100jaarzuiderzeewet.com Visitors can find more information on the anniversary year. Here are not only back stories, but also a program overview, Information on museums and other tourist tips, as the long-distance cycle route Zuiderzee Route.

Further information: https://www.100jaarzuiderzeewet.com/?lang=de

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