ERP system with an interface to data glasses

Ostfildern (ots) – Greater efficiency in the warehouse through Augmented Reality from the ERP data stream

The specialist for card readers, Ticket processing systems and miniature switch ddm h opt + schuler, complements the 2013 introduced ERP system FEPA of Planat now with the pick-by-vision solution of Picavi. Thereby, the processes in the warehouse, the ca. 25.000 products includes, more efficient. The ERP system of Planat had already proven itself in the company and was the simple and intuitive operation quickly become a favored means. The internal processes in the storage, Picking and storage changes, however, should be further optimized, To take full advantage of the ERP support. The data glasses of Picavi was integrated with an interface to Planat fit into the processes in the warehouse of ddm h opt + schuler. “The data goggles is the extended arm of the ERP system and ensures efficiency and a lower error rate for manual processes in the warehouse”, explains Christian Biebl, CEO of Planat.

HMD brings relief work

The spectacle was well received in the camp staff. Within the test period optimizations have been made yet: “We have placed great emphasis on, that the data goggles integrated into the proven workflow with FEPA. There were more changes in the placement of text in the glasses made, For example, the displayed information was, drawn from FEPA adapted to our needs. The aim was, to give our staff a real help at hand – and this has been achieved”, says Philipp Kleiter ddm h opt + schuler. Secondary information are thereby displayed in a third of the field of view to the left, far from center and right. As a cognitive relief is created. FEPA combined in one adaptation enabled ERP standard the experience of several decades in the manufacturing industry – the interface to a data eyeglasses can help in the long term, many companies warehouses with a high throughput of goods.

30 Percent time savings in the warehouse

The combination of proven ERP system, the Picavi data glasses and ring scanners ensures at ddm h opt + schuler for a time saving of approx. 30 percent. When picking the relevant data from the ERP system are displayed in the glasses, the employee can immediately go to the storage location and pick up the goods. The ring scanner is switched on via Bluetooth and can be triggered by pressing a button. The use of glasses, to qualify the company had to be created. This primarily involves the WLAN coverage of the camp at any point, to prevent interruptions of the connection. The information, which are processed with the glasses, can be flexibly displayed from the data stream of the ERP system FEPA. In addition to the interface, the ERP manufacturer Planat consulting expertise was in demand, to the internal processes of the new possibilities to adapt. By specializing in manufacturing companies was Kanban, a method for production process control, used. Kanban is based solely on actual consumption of materials on-providing- and of consumption, thus reducing local stocks of primary products.

The Planat GmbH ( provides the scalable ERP / PPS standard software FEPA a flexible IT service “Made in Germany” for producing medium-sized. The basic version of the software responsible for sales, procurement, logistics, Production planning and control with data acquisition and business applications. On top demand industry-specific software content can be integrated and various add-ons, such as. a document management system (DMS) oder Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM), be used. the innovative, modular software approach complements Planat for more than 35 Years through industry-specific consulting as well as reliable support.


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