Khashoggi: corrections, Lies and a corpse, who disappeared

Jamal Khashoggi. Photo: Pomed. license: CC BY 2.0

Saudi Arabia officially declared, that Jamal Khashoggi was killed in Istanbul violently at the hands of Saudi Arabian citizens. So that the case is not completed

Saudi Arabia has now, an hour after midnight on this Saturday, official acknowledgment, that the Saudi Arabian citizen Jamal Khashoggi could not leave the representative of his country in Istanbul, because there he met his death and that force, through the hands of Saudi Arabian representatives.

But this admission has been in the face of, that the Kingdom had previously declared yet, Khashoggi had left the consulate alive, some force, because haunts a lie at least an intentional deception here, since the most recent version of events necessarily a fact, that the leadership needed to know about the course decision.

Dealing with Khashoggi is no small story, which have been left alone subaltern The now brought into play version confirmed, that 18 people arrested were. From 15 people, who had flown in that day, to around Khashoggi, already reported the Turkish investigators. Not send such a staff of professionals, to do to secondary importance, and the principals also want to know then, expired how the matter.

The case Khashoggi has high rocked a political issue of the first order, with the many important interests are linked (and finally, the power in the House of Saud). Then urges mandatory on, that the version of death, Saudi Arabia is now spreading, constructed according to standards, which are demonstrated power within and soothe a specific public sphere to the outside. Meant is that, the the epithet “officially” hat.

The truth must be certain interests precedence. In the first place is US President Trump to name, who nodded also friendly to the Saudi royal family: “Good first steps”, “good first steps”, to Trump signaled to have.

The most recent version of the events leading talks about an act of violence “in the heat of battle”. It came in the Saudi representative to a discussion, which then escalated into a fight, which led to the death of Jamal Khashoggis, to read in official statement the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry.

In the New York Times Then we read, as in many other reports, are circulating worldwide today, following core story. The 15 Men came with the job, to the “dissidents” Khashoggi home to get into the kingdom ...

But the order, Khashoggi which should come back, was misunderstood, as they make their way down the chain of command made, said the Saudi Arabian representative, It followed a confrontation, Khashoggi as the men saw. He tried to escape, the men held him at, There were strikes, Khashoggi cried; one of the men put him in a choke hold and suffocated him, as the Saudi official said.

New York Times

Why are “dissidents” (it would be correct, of a Opponent of the Crown Prince and his family branch to talk) convinces with a 15-man squad which, that they should return to the country?

Who will believe it and what are the consequences of, if this position is taken? Further arms deals with Saudi Arabia will be at hand? The Kingdom remains a reliable partner for NATO countries in the Middle East and even large companies such as e.g.. Siemens in Germany change anything (especially since Siemens is ousted from the Trump administration just returned from a huge order in Iraq in favor of the US company General Electric)? “The business is dirty, have to see, where to stay”?

Who is the not to believe and have the guts, the publicly admit – as then the consequences look? What government in the NATO compound has the courage, to go at a distance from Saudi Arabia? Will the United Arab States as a competitor to Saudi Arabia playing in the foreground? But what about the oil power Saudi Arabia?

If the Yemen war, the other invisible many thousands corpses in the basement of the kingdom, now seen in a different light?

even supposing, that governments, for example in Germany, France and the UK decide to, not to go to the Saudi version down to business, they no major objections “abzukaufen”, to give priority in the face of political and economic ties of diplomacy – how are the countries with the other voices get around in public?

How will they deal with opposition politicians and the debates, arising therefrom. The said report in the New York Times mentioned e.g.. Adam Schiff, sitting in a Senate committee, and the story does not believe. He will not be the only one. The question is, how many join him in rebellion.

Russian President Putin had recently announce, that he would wait for details. You do not have enough information. What will he do with the latest information?

Will it give him and the other leaderships, that two prominent Saudi be found from the series of following of the crown than Verwantwortliche (without, however, really need to fear the worst)? Putin is currently a central power station for the reorganization of the Middle East, he is accordingly dependent on good relations with Saudi Arabia.

Putin will also take note of how other, that the Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salam as Head of the reorganization of the Saudi Arabian intelligence was used and thus watchdogs of the investigation. This is a significant statement about the balance of power in the kingdom.

What is certain is also, Putin, like the other big power figures in the Middle East know, what looks the basis for the official version. Knowledge of the skeleton in the closet of the Crown Prince could be important in negotiations.

There are many important issues, which remain open for the time being. Considering the case as a crime, it is the question: Where's the body?

As is known, there is a version for the sequence of events, as she was taken from the Turkish side in a kind of serial story to the public. Thus Khashoggi was not in “headlock” killed, but by a specialist in a kind “surgical attack” targeted killing. According to this version, the body was transported in suitcases.

is de consequence of this version, that the Turkish President Erdogan knows exactly, the question is to, what does he do with this knowledge? According to recent reports, Turkey is not satisfied with the explanation from Riyadh. coming from Ankara and the ruling AKP threats, that the whole truth could be revealed.

Erdogan himself said, in the sense, that the case can not be easily placed on its side. This too is an important question of Politikums Khashoggi: What cards Turkish President will play out?
(Thomas Pany)

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