Pope's brother Georg Ratzinger “NEW POST”: “Only God knows, if we meet again.”

Hamburg (ots) – No one is safe from the age: Although the spirit of Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. (90) and his brother Georg (94) still awake is, the bodies are more tired. In New post (EVT 14.02.) reveals the Domkapellmeister, what happens to him in the present situation.

“We phone each day, talk about anything and exchange ideas. This is a great gift. So no one is lonely”, Georg Ratzinger asserted in an interview. “And God willing, see you on 8. April again. I am very hopeful, then I can go to Rome again, to the 16. my brother April 91. to celebrate. But that's a long time. who knows, what until then it all happens.” So the ex-Pope himself describes his condition: “I have compassion on the pilgrimage home.”

Pope's brother Georg reported in New post from the nerve disease of his brother, the very charged him. “Meanwhile, he must always fall back on the wheelchair. The biggest concern is, that the paralysis may eventually go to the heart. And then it can be over quickly.” He adds: “I pray every day for a good hour of death for me and my brother. For both of us. This is a great desire, we have.”

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