phoenix round: only Macron, then Merkel – Who scores with Donald Trump? – Wednesday, 25. April 2018, 22.15 Clock

Bonn (ots) – The American President Donald Trump this week a strict program of visits. French President Emmanuel Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel are in Washington guests. The contrast could not be greater. While the French president is being received as the first official state guest with full honors, travels the Chancellor this Friday only on a working visit to the USA.

No doubt Macron has a much better relationship with Trump Merkel, but both European leaders have common goals: They will try this week, Trump hold of a termination of the nuclear agreement with Iran, and to prevent the American punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum from Europe.

As compromise is Donald Trump? Can be avoided at the last minute, a transatlantic conflict? How big Merkel's influence is still?

Alexander Kahler discussed inter alia. With:

   - Andrew B. Denison, Transatlantic Networks
   - Frank Elbe, Ambassador A.d.
   - Ansgar Graw, The world
   - Prof. Christiane Lemke, Political scientist Leibniz

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