Actress Renan Demirkan in star: “Wedel is lying, if he denies the allegations”

Hamburg (ots) – In a story in the new star on the abuse allegations against Dieter Wedel also the actress Renan Demirkan expresses, with the director at “Great Bellheim” collaborated. “I always wanted to please only with my work, never be complacent with my sex, against money or against any part of the world. But this must be able to withstand woman, both financially and as an artist”, Maiden soar.

They have never been able to be different, told them further. They have already as a freshman in business the “Playboy” cut off a lot of money, because they, Despite nude scenes with Udo Lindenberg in the film “Super”, not want to be photographed Wichsvorlage, or refused, in the giant Suite – with sauna and all the trimmings – to stay, the hamburger producer had booked for an audition.

The three tests is their, so Demirkan further, happens after its Golden Camera, “as a Munich film magnate pulled me on his lap and grinned at my face: Na, then let's do something for your career! I almost spat at him, I jumped up and was gone.”

In many situations,, erklärt Maiden, it should be their luck, as “difficult” to apply. “Also in Wedel. However, he is lying, if he denies the allegations. And if he does so even under oath, it is definitely a perjury! His henchmen stayed meticulously on, that it is always with enough 'stimulating selection’ was furnished to Komparisinnen and actresses”.

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