Exploratory results give a good signal / Including better health the key points suggest a rational debate

Berlin (ots) – The results of the exploratory talks between the CDU, CSU and SPD show a factual analysis of the challenges facing the next legislature in the field of health and care. The German Dental Association (BZÄK) welcomes, patient care in Germany will be strengthened that the health system improved with good judgment and.

“In an aging society, adjustments need to be addressed in the health system. patient-oriented to refine our dual German health insurance system in accordance with the social changes, is an important task. A reformed dual health care system can meet the challenges ahead”, so BZÄK President Dr. Peter Engel.

“We dentists are happy with specialist expertise, because where they can be helpful, there. Because our department is considered the benchmark in terms of prevention. Nevertheless, there are also in dentistry still room for improvement: in the care of vulnerable groups, For example, in nursing, or reducing excessive bureaucracy. We are ready for a pragmatic, intelligent discourse”, According to Engel.

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